Oak Brook Campus Access Application

Request for Access to the Inland Oak Brook Campus

If your request is approved by your Inland Contact and Inland Covid-19 Leadership Team, an automated email with instructions will be sent to your attention.

By submitting this request, you acknowledge your awareness and acceptance of the risks associated with the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, including at the Inland campus. You also specifically acknowledge and understand that: (1) you and all others on the Inland campus will be expected to follow and comply with all protocols implemented by Inland which can be found here https://stg.inlandgroup.com/oak-brook-campus; (2) you will monitor your personal symptoms and temperature daily and complete the Inland Health Screening (https://stglobby.inlandgroup.com/health-screening/) before making the decision to come to the Inland campus.

As always, we at Inland appreciate your assistance. If you have any questions related to this acknowledgement, please contact OakBrookCampus@inlandgroup.com.